BioMat Accessories

Amethyst Pillow

This accessory is paired with the BioMat Professional in many healing practices. It produces a mild traction on the neck, which can be therapeutic for treatments lasting 20-45 minutes. It does not plug into the wall, but it is versatile and has some alternative uses as well.

USD $380


This accessory is useful when the goal is to have longer treatments, at lower temperatures.  In particular, it is useful for those who sleep overnight on the BioMat.  It provides support and reduces pressure points, similar to memory foam.  But it is extremely lightweight, so the infrared light still passes through into the body.

USD $480-$680


This zippered cover is made with a new type of waterproof fabric, developed by Richway, as an improvement on synthetic, polyester covers. Many alternating layers of cotton and germanium combine to form a durable, waterproof, antimicrobial barrier.

USD $100.00–$180.00


All BioMats include fitted cotton covers, which are machine washable and dryable. These covers should always be used over top of the BioMat. In fact, they are an important part of how it works. It isn’t necessary to own an extra cotton cover, but it can be convenient.

USD $100.00–$300.00


An attractive and practical solution for placement of your BioMat Controller. The Aroma stand is sturdy, lightweight, and has non-slip floor contact. It also has diffuser pads for essential oils, and even includes one bottle of lavender oil.

USD $200