Germanium Power Pad

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This is a waterproof cover that fully encapsulates the BioMat, to protect it from sweat, dirt, and oils. Impressively, it is made with 100% natural materials - cotton and germanium. It does not contain polyester or other synthetic materials. Multiple sandwiched layers of germanium oxide and 100% cotton combine to produce a material that is durable, antimicrobial, and waterproof. Germanium is also thought to have anti-inflammatory and detoxification effects on the body.

This cover is entirely optional, and the BioMat works just as well without it. For home use, it may not be necessary at all. But it can be a good idea if the BioMat is being used for detox purposes, or as a sauna alternative. Also, this cover is a good idea in cases where sanitation between sessions is necessary.

The Germanium Power Pad is used in addition to the standard cotton cover that is included with the BioMat. The standard cotton cover can be used over top of the germanium power pad, or the germanium power pad can be used to encapsulate both the BioMat and the standard cotton cover together. 

An example of a normal layering for a professional setup is BioMat, Standard Cotton Cover, Germanium Power Pad, then regular cotton sheet. This setup allows for easy sanitation between clients.