NMN Octa 3000

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This supplement is designed to reverse aging.  It does not contain psychoactive ingredients, and the effects are at the cellular level.

We might think of our DNA as a set of instructions that never change.  Recent research by Dr David Sinclair suggests that the instructions remain, even as we age.  The process of aging is not a deterioration of those instructions, as many people may suspect.  Rather, it's a deterioration of the processes that read those instructions.  For example, suppose your DNA tells its host cell to perform activity X.  This involves the transfer of information, from the DNA, to other cellular structures.  Of course, it's always possible for information to be corrupted during a transfer, in which case the cell fails to perform activity X.  Thankfully, the body has mechanisms that actually guarantee there is no corruption like this during the transfer.  It is similar to banking transaction software, which does not permit corruption when moving money from one account to another.  Unfortunately, in the cell, those protective mechanisms can degrade eventually.   According to Dr Sinclair, this degradation is partly because those mechanisms require ample supplies of NAD+, and lower levels of NAD+ are associated with aging.

The NAD+ molecule cannot cross the cell membrane, however.  NMN is a precursor molecule that can pass through the cell membrane, and is converted to NAD+ once inside the cell.  To more fully understand the science behind NMN, the very best place to start is this presentation by Dr David Sinclair, professor of genetics at Harvard:


Richway’s Uthever NMN Octa 3000 is the most stable, pure, pharmaceutical grade NMN on the market that also includes:

  • Octacosanol
  • Pterostilbene
  • L-Arganine
  • Isoflavones
  • Silk Peptides
  • Maca
  • Vitamin D3