Mini BioMat 7000MX 33”x20”

USD $780.00

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The Richway Mini BioMat 7000MX is a smaller version of the Amethyst BioMat Professional. It has the same rugged design and materials, the same functions, and the same range of temperatures. The two sizes are equally popular, and a lot of people own both. You can use both at the same time for a “sandwich treatment.” However, the Mini-Mat is quite amazing as a stand-alone device, and this is how most people use it.

The Mini BioMat measures 33 inches long and 20 inches wide. The only internal difference is that it contains alternating rows of amethyst and tourmaline stones, whereas the BioMat Pro uses amethyst in all the rows. Tourmaline is also a natural crystal with healing properties, and in our opinion, the infrared light produced by each mat feels approximately the same. However, some people describe the Mini-Mat as producing a slightly more energizing effect, and the BioMat Pro as producing a slightly more calming effect.

It is hard to express in words the level of craftsmanship that goes into these products, but once you are able to look and feel one of them, it becomes clear. Even aside from the BioMat itself, the included 3 year warranty and suite of accessories are far and above the best on the market:


Due to its size, the Mini BioMat has some advantages and some disadvantages when compared to the BioMat Pro. The smaller size offers convenience and versatility. It is large enough to treat the entire back or torso area at once, and small enough to maneuver and transport with ease. It can be used to treat the legs, arms, feet, or neck as well. Another advantage is that it can be used more casually. You can easily read a book, watch TV, or use a computer while you are on the Mini-Mat. You can even use it in the car! (You do need a power inverter like this one for use in the car, but they are inexpensive and easy to find).

If you are looking to treat a local issue, such as back or neck pain, strains or sprains, or soft tissue damage, the Mini-Mat is every bit as effective as the Bio-Mat Professional. But some health goals are more far-reaching, or involve the whole body. And while the Mini-Mat is still recommended for these goals, it doesn’t compare to a full-body BioMat treatment.

The Mini BioMat 7000MX includes these accessories:
Purple Hard-Shell Travel Case
Fitted Cotton Cover (machine washable)
7000MX Controller
Documentation and RI#
Richway Warranty & Repair Policy


Dimensions: 33.5″x19.5″x1″

Weight: 8lb (without controller)

Temperature Range: 103F-158F / 40C-70C

Electric Consumption: 100W

Voltage: 120V AC  (or 240V AC upon request)

Natural Amethyst Crystal: 2.6 lbs (tumbled into 3mm-5mm pieces)

Natural Tourmaline Crystal: 2.6 lbs (tumbled into 3mm-5mm pieces)

Shipping Dimensions: 22.5″x19″x6″

Shipping Weight: 15lbs


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