BioBelt 7000MX 18″x8″

USD $600.00

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The Bio Belt is quite a bit smaller than the other BioMats, and it's usually purchased by those who already own one of the larger sizes.  Due to it's small size, it has less bang for the buck, as far as whole-body effects.  And yet, it is one of the most popular and well-received products in Richway's entire lineup. The beauty of the BioBelt is that it can conveniently and directly target any troublesome area of the body.  In particular, it is very pleasant and comforting to use on the tummy area, especially if one is feeling digestive discomfort, cramps, nausea, or pain.  The tummy area can be impractical to treat with a larger size BioMat.

The BioBelt is also great for treating soft tissue injures, including sprains, strains, and chronic joint injuries.  These injuries tend to be localized, and it can be helpful to target those areas with lots of heat, for a long time, without having to heat up the entire rest of the body.  The active portion measures 8"x18" and functions just like the larger BioMats, using hot crystals to emit far infrared light.  It can be slipped into the velcro belt, or used on its own.  The velcro belt can be useful to hold it onto the body, for example when treating shoulder or hip injuries.

It uses eight types of semi precious stones: Amethyst, Green Jade, Black Tourmaline, Topaz, Tiger Eye, Citrine, Elvan and Quartz.


The BioBelt 7000MX includes these accessories:
7000MX Controller
Fitted Cotton Cover
Documentation and RI#
Richway Warranty & Repair Policy


Dimensions (active portion): 18″ x 8″ x 1″

Velcro Belt Length: 55″ (or 63″ XL version on request)

Weight: 2.3 lbs (without controller)

Electrical Consumption: 50W

Voltage: 120V AC (or 240V AC on request)

Max Temperature: 149F/65C

Shipping Dimensions: 20″ x 12″ x 3″

Shipping Weight: 6 lbs

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