Amethyst Pillow

USD $380.00

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The Richway BioMat Pillow can be used as an accessory to any BioMat model, but it is not a stand-alone device.  The pillow is composed of two parts. The outer sheath is the most important - it contains alternating rows of amethyst and tourmaline crystal. The inner part is a memory foam insert, which gives the pillow shape.

The Richway Pillow does not produce infrared therapy or negative ion therapy on its own. And it does not share the raving reviews of the BioMats. Nevertheless, we have found it to be a versatile and useful healing tool. The shape is designed to produce a mild traction on the neck, which can be very beneficial as a thirty or forty minute treatment. It's not the kind of shape that is comfortable for sleeping on long-term. However, the memory foam insert can be removed and replaced with a different pillow, to offer a wider variety of possible shapes.

It is also possible to detach the velcro on the back, so that the outer sheath of crystals lays totally flat. We discovered you can heat these crystals on the BioMat for about twenty minutes, and they will produce lots of far infrared light, just like the BioMat. Then you can wrap the sheath around an arm or leg for a local treatment, or lay down on the BioMat with the crystal sheath over top of you for a "sandwich treatment."

The BioMat Pillow is optional, and it is OK to use a regular sleeping pillow instead. Some people say the BioMat Pillow is necessary, because you need to keep the head cool during treatment. And we do agree with the premise – it’s better if you can warm the whole body, while keeping the head cool. This is a core advantage of the BioMat over an infrared sauna.

But in our view, the BioMat already achieves this. The full-body sized BioMats have nine inches at the top, which have no crystals and produce no heat whatsoever. And this is where the head naturally lays anyway. So a simple cotton pillow, for comfort, is sufficient.

Taking everything into consideration, we still recommend the BioMat Pillow for professional use and home use. Most people like it, and it is part of the overall treatment system developed by Richway. For anyone on the fence, we prefer they try it and return it for a full refund, rather than to never try it. And if the BioMat is intended for use in a professional setting, it is good to have the Richway Pillow, so that clients can decide for themselves.

On the other hand, we also understand that budget is a concern. And in our experience, the breathtaking results come from the Bio-Mat itself, not the Amethyst Pillow. So we recommend skipping the pillow if that is the only way to afford the BioMat.

The Richway BioMat Pillow includes these accessories:
Storage Bag
Fitted Cotton Cover (machine washable)
Richway Warranty & Repair Policy
Documentation and RI#