Richway Biomats are very well-suited for home use. By far, the most popular sizes are the BioMat Professional and the Mini BioMat, but the larger sizes can be a good choice in many cases too. (The larger ones produce the same therapy as the BioMat Pro, but they just offer the luxury of having extra room to stretch out).

The BioMat can be used on a bed or chair of any type, even including memory foam or latex beds. This is because they don’t get very hot to the touch during use, they just stay warm. (The heat is all projected away from and above the mat, in the form of infrared light).

There are several advantages of a Biomat over a home infrared sauna:

  • You can fold and store a BioMat in its protective travel case, so it takes up a very minimal footprint in your home.
  • You can lie down and actually relax on a BioMat, instead of sitting up in a cramped sauna.
  • You can raise your core temperature with a BioMat, while your head stays cool at the same time. With most infrared saunas, your head is equally exposed.
  • The BioMat produces infrared light evenly from it’s entire surface. It does not have individual point-sources of infrared light, like a sauna.

There are also many advantages of a Biomat over a heating pad:

  • The BioMat does not have heating coils or elements inside, so it does not get hot to the touch, and it cannot burn you or start a fire.
  • The BioMat distributes heat deeply into the body, to warm you from the inside out. This allows it to have real therapeutic value.
  • The BioMat is EMF safe. Using an EMF meter at many points on the surface of the Biomat, we observed a field strength of 0-2 milligauss maximum. For comparison, a cell phone or tablet or laptop produces 500+ milligauss during use.